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Please note that at this time we are only taking bookings from females and only treating males between the age of 7 - 15 years old due to staffing arrangements. We thank you for your understanding.

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Are You Feeling Stressed? Need a Relaxing Massage? Don't worry, Relax on Therapy Massage is here to help. We are Open Again and our staff has successfully completed  Infection Control Training - COVID 19.

Relax on Massage Therapy have many types of massages and packages for you can choose from. We are experts with tension relief massages and we can soothe sore muscles to get your spirits back on track. Call us to book a relaxing massage. Call 0431 448 563.

Relax On Massage Therapy are the Massage Professionals in Albury / Wodonga. We specialize in Whole Body Massage, Sports Massage, Leg Massage, Foot Massage & Spa, Head Massage, Arm Massage, Deep Tissue, Headache Therapy, Lower Back Treatment, Hand Massages, and Shoulder Massages.

Massage is one of the most powerful procedures to restore the whole body to exclusively rebuild the balance of emotional and spiritual life. Our professionals will provide a perfect mix of the various kinds of massages to meet your requirements.

Relax on Massage Therapy is considered a leader in providing professional massage services in the Albury / Wodonga area.

Many of our customers visit Relax on Massage Therapy in serious pain, suffering from muscular issues, headaches, tension, shoulder pain, neck pain, leg pain, arm pain, symptoms of stress, and many other issues. We have found that once our customers leave after their appointment they are always feeling more relaxed, revitalized, and pain-free.

Our massage therapists take the time through the initial consultation process to assess your specific requirements in regard to providing you with the most beneficial massage based upon your prior medical history and any symptoms or ailments you may have.

Many customers are not in pain and only want to experience the Relaxing Massage Services provided by Ghislaine and her professional staff. It really is worth taking the time and effort to spend on your personal growth and relaxation by experiencing an exhilarating massage at an affordable price.

We can provide a variety of massage services to resolve any muscular issues that you have. For example, if you suffer from neck pain, lower back pain, leg pain or any other ailment, we can provide you with a Massage that specifically targets your individual requirements, or; you may choose to have a Whole Body Relaxation Massage.

Our staff are professionally trained in providing massage services, making a decision to visit us is so much easier when you can rely on Relax on Massage Therapy for Professional massage Services and advice.
Call us today on 0431 448 563 to make an appointment.

We are Experts in Relaxing Massages, Head & Shoulder Massages, Lower Back Massages & Deep Tissue Massages.

Relaxation Massage

Having a head to toe Relaxation Massage is a great way to relax while you forget about the stress of Daily Life and Work. This is one of our most popular massage packages available.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is extremely efficient in eliminating deep muscular pain and works remarkably well on Sports Injury.


A Step To Better Health!


Relax on Massage Therapy are a leading and highly trusted Business in the Albury / Wodonga Region interested only in satisfying the needs of our Clientele in regard to Muscular Pain, relieving stress, relieving headaches, lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, leg and arm pain etc.

If you experience any muscular pain or tentions, we are the experts that can assist you. Call Us today...

In addition to this, we also provide our Clients with a comprehensive pre appointment consultation on their first visit and we continue doing this on subsequent visits. In return, we can only ask that our clients notify us of any areas that may require additional Massage Therapy when they next visit us.


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We find that several people desire a various workout and our professionals are completely prepared to deliver it. Mental and physical knots are expelled, leaving peace, energy, and an extremely positive vibe.

You will experience so many positive consequences from our services, such as:

We have found that many of our Customers at Relax on Massage Therapy desire different styles of Massage, while it is important that we provide every Customer with what they require, there may be times when we may suggest the style of massage that is best suited to resolving your muscular aches and pains.

After saying this, there are many clients that already have a style of Massage Therapy in mind and we can also cater to their needs. It is recommended that all of our customers raise any issues in regard to pressure used (some people enjoy soft pressure, medium pressure or hard pressure) during their massage. Your comfort and alleviating pain / stress is our ultimate concern.

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About Relax on Massage Therapy

Come In Stressed! Leave Revitalized!

Relax on Massage Therapy is a leading massage practice based in Albury and Wodonga. We offer personally tailored and unique approach to massage treatment throughout the city. Our team of over expert therapists is highly qualified in a wide range of massage therapies like oil massage, hand massages, head massage, neck massage, foot massage and more. See why are number one in Albury Wodonga for relaxing massages, pain relief and sports massages. Experience our healing hands today!

Kym Smith


Just two visits to Ghislaine at RelaxOn Massage Therapy and I feel so much better. With multiple problem areas on my body, Ghislaine has relieved my pain immensely. She truly has healing hands. I highly recommend her. Thank you Ghislaine, I’m forever grateful that I found you. 🙏🏼

Philip Wells


You will not be disappointed if you visit Ghislaine at Relax on massage. I arrived in town with a sore back and neck from lots of driving. Ghislaine identified the problem areas and worked to release the muscles. I left feeling like a new person thank you so much. For those who follow my reviews, I do not post unless I'm very satisfied.

Amy Hayne

After years of chronic headaches due to muscle tension and stiffness in my neck, I have found great relief in visiting Relax on Massage Therapy. Ghislaine’s relaxing massages have targeted the problem areas and reduced pain immensely. No more painkillers for me!