Welcome to Relax On Massage Therapy the Albury / Wodonga Massage Professionals.

The professional services provided by Relax on Massage Therapy are what you would expect from a five-star resort, however; we provide these services at a much more affordable price.

Our professional masseuse specialises in full body Massage, Lower back massage, had shoulder and neck massage, arm and hand massage, leg and foot massage. We also provide outstanding services to those of you who may have been injured while playing sport or simply by the routine of everyday life.

We understand that life throws a lot at us, everything from muscle aches and pains, headaches and stress are unfortunately an everyday occurrence for many in our society.

At Relax on Massage Therapy, our professional staff takes the time to learn about you, your previous symptoms and the reason for today’s appointment. By understanding how your pain occurred and where you are experiencing pain makes it much easier for us to diagnose the best possible treatment for your aches and pains.

While our massage therapists are not qualified to give medical advice, at times it may be necessary to recommend that you seek additional medical advice from your general practitioner or another specialist. Although this is rarely done, we want the best outcome for our customers.

We are the massage specialists in the Albury / Wodonga area and are well aware that customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We achieve this by suggesting the appropriate massage treatment for any muscular pain or injury you are experiencing, and; by talking with our customers during their massage therapy treatment. For example, if our massage therapists are not providing you with sufficient pressure during your massage we ask that you let them know, and; if there is too much pressure in your massage kindly let us know.

We have found that our clients return to Relax on Massage Therapy because we provide professional massage services, we listen to our customers and we are committed to ensuring that customers are satisfied with their massage.

If you would like to make an appointment with one of our Massage Professionals, call us today at Relax on Massage Therapy, on 0431 448 563.

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