A Relaxation Massage will help you relieve the stress from Work and day to day life. Just imagine relaxing while our professionally trained Massage Therapists pamper you from head to toe. Our Whole Body Relaxation massages are one of the most popular services provided and is highly recommended.

For Muscular Pain that is a little lower than your skin surface, it is sometimes recommended that you have a Deep Tissue Massage. Often this treatment is utilized for sports injuries and other deep muscular pain, however; this is often determined through consultation with our Professionally Trained Massage Therapists.

A Whole Body Massage is both relaxing and beneficial to your wellbeing. The Massage strokes provided by your Therapist match the natural flow of blood through your body, leaving you feeling relaxed during your massage and invigorated at completion. Interested, Call Us Today!

Circulation Massage treatment will work on tension at the deepest level while improving your body's circulation. After your Circulation Treatment, your body will relax five times faster than people that have experienced a standard body massage. Circulation Treatment is about releasing tension and revitalizing body tissue by maximizing blood circulation.


Using Oil in the Massage Treatment process is beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, using oil minimizes friction in the Massage Process, and; regular use of massage oils promote positive hygiene, strengthen the nervous system, assist with overcoming fatigue, nourish bodily tissues, improve eyesight, assist with providing normal sleep patterns, increase longevity, instils flexibility and there are many more benefits of using oil in Massage Therapy.

Let’s face it, sports people are fit and highly disciplined in their chosen sport but when they experience an injury the consequences can range from a minor injury to a much more serious injury.

While are Professional massage Therapists are not qualified to treat broken bones or other major injuries that require the advice of specialists health professionals, we are however qualified to provide assistance in the treatment of many muscular related sports injuries. We will encourage you to seek Professional Advice from a Specialist if required.

We have found that many Sports People need the services of Relax On Massage Therapy to assist with identifying and rectifying the symptoms of muscular related Sports Injuries.

We provide all of these services and many more…

Relax On Massage Therapy can provide easily convenient payment options for your next appointment by utilizing either Cash or Eftpos facilities. Payment is generally made prior to your appointment unless other arrangements are made.

So, if you are Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired, Call Us Today to make an appointment