This is What Makes Relax on Massage Therapy Different.

My Best friend recommended that I go to Relax on Massage Therapy after he had been suffering lower back pain for a few weeks. Lower Back pain can be caused in many ways, sometimes it can occur by using incorrect lifting techniques, twisting, turning or simply bending over to retrieve a small item from the floor, a table, etc.

Finding a reliable Massage Therapist in Albury / Wodonga has been a hit and miss process for me over the years. I have experienced below standard massages and the very best, all within a thirty-kilometer diameter of Central Albury but all of this changed after I went to Relax on Massage Therapy.

My friend said that the service provided Relax on Massage Therapy was very professional and assisted in relieving the pain he was suffering. So I decided to give it a go…

The pressure of the massage and massage style was determined by the Massage Therapist as a result of the consultation process when I first arrived at Relax on Massage Therapy. The staff really took the time to learn about me and the symptoms I had been experiencing.

Yeah, nah, yeah, nah…

The decision for me to have a Massage at Relax on Massage Therapy was initially taken with some caution. I surely didn’t want to once again face the prospect of having a Massage that was too rough, too fast, or; a massage where I simply didn’t effectively treat my symptoms. But, I decided to take a chance anyway…

And boy… I certainly Do Not regret visiting Relax on Massage Therapy at 451 Hume Street in Albury…

The Consultation process was easy, the discussion I had with my Massage Professional was relaxing and the different Massage Services were explained to me in a way that I could easily understand. Although I was only there for a Lower Back Massage, I was very comfortable with the consultation process.

After entering the Massage Therapy Room, I was given a towel and asked to prepare myself for the massage as the therapist left the room for a few minutes.

At times, the Massage therapist did have to use Deep Tissue Massage Therapy to assist in alleviating the lower back pain. Although Deep Tissue Therapy can result in some discomfort while being performed, it was necessary to utilize this Massage style to ensure the best possible treatment. It is important to tell your massage therapist if you are experiencing too much pain, or; if you feel that more massage pressure can be applied.

The pressure applied during my massage must have been good because I certainly didn’t complain and I felt so, so relaxed.

I have found that Massage Oil certainly assists when I have a massage simply because I have more hair on me than the average man and the oil assists my masseuse to run their fingers through my body hair without becoming tangled up, providing me with the most effective massage possible. 

After the Lower Back Massage, I wiped myself down with a warm hand towel to remove excessive massage oil before dressing and going home feeling very relaxed.

I am so thankful that my friend recommended that I visit the Professional Massage Therapists at Relax on Massage Therapy. I have returned to the Business about five times since October 2019.

Making an appointment cannot be easier. All you have to do to make your next appointment with Relax on Massage Therapy is to call them on 0431 448 563. You can also telephone them from their Mobile Website.

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